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May 28, 2013


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Encouragement - that's the word I'm focusing on this week!

Encouraging my teens:
It's the last full week of classes for my teen daughters.

The freshman is covered in papers from the past few weeks of classes, haphazardly thrown in a folder.  We discuss the importance of getting organized for finals. That's too big an idea for my youngest, the right-brained creative-type.  We talk specifics.. sorting papers, writing notes, filling out study guides.
"Thank you for NOT calling me LAZY like some of my teachers!" she exclaims.
She's her worst enemy when it comes to self-talk... she needs encouragement.

The junior has a few quizzes, essays, and reading to do.  Two AP tests are out of the way, so those classes have started showing movies.  Many of her friends are seniors and their last day is this week.  Prom is on Friday.  She needs encouragement to stay focused on school, even with all the fun activities and friends with "senioritis" surrounding her.  Junior year is the toughest, especially at the end!

Encouraging my husband:
I'm on family leave, helping my husband recover from heart surgery, so it's another week of slowwww healing for him.  He needs encouragement in a sly way.  I can't remind him that he can't lift the pot on the stove after he boils pasta.  He doesn't want me to offer to help him find a comfortable position for sleeping.  He needs encouragement to keep positive and not be frustrated by his tight chest muscles and sore back.

Encouraging myself:
Since I'm not working, it's hard not to think about what I could and should be doing at school, with my students, in these last days of school.  I thought about making them an iMovie to remind them to read over summer vacation.  I'm going to start organizing the hundreds of books I have at home.  I hope to scan them into an app and sort them into categories so I can have an awesome classroom library in the fall.

In addition to balancing hubby care with book projects and making meals, I need encouragement to stay out of the fridge and snack cabinet.  It's much easier to eat lots of yummy stuff when I'm at home.  I must encourage myself to keep walking and riding my bike.

I hope you will share some encouragement with someone who needs it this week!


  1. We all need that encouraging little word to keep us motivated. So glad to hear that Hubby is doing good. From experience, I can say to you: "Be patient, take time for yourself (this time is more stressful for you), enjoy the time away from school, share your feelings and read some of those books!." Prayers of encouragement are being sent your way!

  2. Yes, we all need encouragement...thanks for the reminder. I know what you mean about it being easier to eat yummy snacks now that I am is much too easy. Glad to hear your husband is mending. I read your comment on my post about Warsaw.....just a bit of advise...if you do ever go prepared to spend about five minutes....not much to do at all. Nauvoo and Carthage are nearby which have a rich Mormon history. Even though we are not Mormon...we found it quite interesting. Take care. Jackie

  3. Your family is blessed to have such encouragement surrounding them with your presence. Encouragement is so needed. Now I wonder who I can encourage today?

  4. I feel encouraged by your post of encouragements.

  5. I feel like I need to go and encourage someone RIGHT NOW. You're encouraging post is sure to have a ripple effect. :-)

  6. Great reminder to keep encouraging those around me. Maybe tomorrow at my workshop, I will find a way to encourage few teachers!

  7. You must be a joy to those around you! I certainly need some encouraging right now to get through the last week of school... almost there! Thank you for reminding me to light the way of others.