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I parent two amazing young-adult daughters with my husband of 30+ years.

July 16, 2013

Senior Summer

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It's summer.

Time for fun, sunshine, travel, reading, relaxing.

It's the summer before senior year.

Time for college visits, questions from family, decisions, job hunting, summer reading.

It's supposed to be a fun, carefree time


deadlines and decisions loom.

As the parent, I try to provide advice, but I find myself keeping my thoughts to myself.

I'm providing facts and guiding questions.

I'm not the one choosing a school or a job or when to do my summer assignments.

I don't have to live with the decisions... just the person who has to make them.

It's stressful to watch, but that's my place.  On the sidelines.  Coaching.

She's in the game.


  1. So many decisions . . . so many choices that will need to be made before next year! I wish that times like this . . . times that should be "fun" turn into major stresses! I know she will make the right choice and your guidance will be most helpful to her ;-)

  2. My friend's daughter goes to college this fall and I watched her go through this. I'm glad I have couple of years to prepare. Definitely not ready yet.

  3. I know it's so hard to do, but I think you are making all the right calls, coach! Parenting is not easy, no matter the age (3, 13, 23!) Sitting on the sidelines, sharing all the game plans and options, but once she is in the game, it's all up to her. And she will do what is right. It's scary to think about it too for her -- as much as she wants to get away, it's hard knowing that she is growing up and almost an adult!!! (Which could be why some of us procrastinate at times! Me included!)

    Hang in there and can't wait to hear about all the final decisions once she has made them! :)

  4. Chris, you have the right attitude - it is her decisions to make and you are the coach. I know that with your coaching and guidance that she will make wise choices and she will be grateful to you for your help.

  5. Yes, parenting is VERY much like coaching - from the sidelines - never on the field!

  6. Coaching is just the right stance. Not always the easiest one to take. Good luck!