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November 10, 2015

Finding the groove #SOL15

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It's November.  Time for the air to get chilly, the sun to set early, and my head to 

Now don't get me wrong, my head exploding can be a good thing, a bad thing, or a bit of both.

It's the feeling of wanting to jump on EVERY SINGLE good idea I hear and wanting to be part of

all the cooooool


                                       and new books

                                                         and shared reading experiences 

                                            in classrooms around my building.

But, I have my own programs and students and testing and reading and learning to do as well.


It's a good problem to have.  

In other news....

I'm finally finding my groove.  I've got a mess of data and notes that need to be organized
 (same mess, new school!)
 I have a rhythm to my day.
(and there's a few minutes for a bathroom break!)
My students are gems
and my coworkers have accepted me into the tribe.

It's November. Time to make sure we all take care of ourselves, soak up ALL the sunshine we can, 
and take time to smell the Mr. Sketch markers.


  1. What a great closing line!

  2. Sounds like things are going well Chris . . . "Rhythm to your day" Love it! Crazy but what else is new right? Xoxoxo

  3. Chris, so happy to hear that everything is going good for you at your new school, new job, new experiences and challenges.