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I parent two amazing young-adult daughters with my husband of 30+ years.

January 1, 2019

One Little Word 2019 #SOL19

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Today I did a little inventory on my One Little Words that I have chosen over the years:
finish - listen - thrive - hope - spark - peace.
When I first started picking an OLW in 2011, I picked words that would encourage me to improve. (I have a hard time finishing projects; I tend to talk more than listen). Then I went through a job change and watched my daughters graduate high school and make life decisions (thrive was really survive; hope was for a new job). Spark represented all the new ideas I brought to my new school, and peace was my big goal for myself and the world.

Today I see myself as someone who juggles flaws and fabulous ideas. Someone who can spark a smile in someone who isn't feeling great. Someone who is trying to figure out how to parent young adults (so different!) while getting back to hobbies and habits I had before my husband and I became parents.

After many visits to an online thesaurus, I have decided my word of 2019 is ....
(v) to plant, to educate, to encourage

My goals for 2019 include:
  • read lots of books to cultivate my knowledge of current kid lit
  • help my students find books they can & will read and cultivate their love of reading
  • encourage my colleagues to refine their craft by cultivating positive relationships and learning alongside them
  • cultivate new hobbies (lettering, bullet journaling) and revisit former hobbies (playing violin, knitting)
  • Figure out how to cultivate an interest in exercising and continue to eat well
Sounds easy enough, right?  Happy New Year!


  1. Cultivate sounds like a great word! And I love the goals you have attached to it.

  2. Happy New Year, Chris!

    It sounds like cultivate is the perfect word for where you are on life's journey.