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August 6, 2020

I will do my best

Everyone wants to know how I will teach this school year.

"Will you be online?"  
"Are the students coming to school?" 
"What's the hybrid thing?"

I overhear conversations about school in the store, at the salon, and all over social media.

Parents are frustrated, community members are opinionated, and everyone is nervous.

This is my response:

I will do my best, just like every other school year.

I will strive to learn each student's strengths and interests.

I will read books and talk about them so students can be inspired to read.

I will use all my markers to make drawings and sketches to share ideas and promote thinking.

I will be patient with my quieter students, my outspoken students, and all the students in between.

I will encourage my students to find their voice and be confident enough to use it.

I will take care of myself (eating well, sleeping more, finding peaceful moments) so I have the energy to keep doing my best.

All students deserve a positive school experience, no matter the model of instruction.

1 comment:

  1. Of course you will do your best, and based on your list, your best will be great! What an important reminder in this very strange year! We are all doing our best.