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March 24, 2022

Bright moments #SOLC


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This week has been especially bumpy at school as we navigate to the last day before spring break (FINALLY!).  Kids are tired and grumpy, and I'm exhausted trying to keep my reading lessons engaging and entertaining.  To finish the week, I'm determined to note some of the bright moments this week (not in any order):

  • When we read about two brothers who survived the 2011 Joplin, MO tornado, my 6th grade groups were completely engaged in reading, looking for text evidence and discussing the text.
  • One of those 6th grade students is now referring to himself as "an unpublished author."  He has written around five books (I think it's two different series) and illustrated a bunch of comics.  When he said he wasn't an author, I corrected him - he's definitely an author!
  • After the tornado reading, a student shared a nonfiction book she wrote on Book Creator about tornadoes when they studied them in science.
  • One of my 7th graders turned to his classmate and said in all seriousness, "Dude - have you seen your scores? You really need to get your head in the right place."
  • One of my silent, earbuds-always-in 8th graders put his phone away and totally focused on an assessment.  His score improved by an incredible amount.  I saw the tiniest smile on his face when I congratulated his focus and effort.  
These moments remind me of why I appreciate working with young people.  Now I have a few more ounces of patience for tomorrow.

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