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I parent two amazing young adult daughters with my husband of 28 years.

March 1, 2019

Introductions #SOLC19

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Two Writing Teachers

Whoa.  March 1st came QUICKLY this year, even though January and February dragged on.

It's my 8th year of writing, and I owe my participation to my friend and fellow reading teacher, Michelle at Literacy Learning Zone, who gave me a nudge and the bravery to write wayyy back in 2012.

Since it's my 8th year, here are 8 facts about me...

1) I've been married to Jeff for nearly 29 years.  We met in junior high.  As the story goes, I tried to shove him in a locker because he was annoying and would have fit back then.
2) I'm mom to Lindsey, 22 and Allison, 20.  I am working on transitioning from "all in" parenting to giving them space.  It's hard!
3) I serve as a Reading Specialist at an elementary school (K-5th).  I love my job!
4) I try to read across genres and book types (graphic novels, easy readers, YA) so I can talk books with nearly anyone.
5) Favorites:  cowl-neck sweatshirts, sneakers, dark chocolate, vanilla lattes, penguins.
6) If I must exercise, I enjoy walking outside, weather permitting!
7) I tend to talk A LOT and tell stories in a circular fashion.  
8) On September 8th, I will be 50!  

Nice to meet you!
Happy first day of the slicing challenge to all who participate!


  1. Love to see you back again! Happy Slicing!

  2. I love learning all these facts about you! I have my own milestone birthday coming up in June- 40. I would love to be a reading specialist. I've been a classroom teacher since 2001 and struggling a bit this year with the demands of every subject. Reading and writing are my passion- wish I could just focus on those subjects as a teacher. Do your daughters live close? I also love to walk and enjoy listening to podcasts when I walk.

    1. Happy decade birthday to you, Kathleen! My oldest daughter recently moved to Iowa, and the other is home. Thanks for the tip on listening to podcasts ... something new to try!

  3. It was fun to read all of these facts about you! I turned sixty this month! Not sure I like being this old! But my kids are almost the same age as yours- 23 and 25. I think parenting is the hardest job I have ever done.

    1. Happy (belated) birthday to you, Carol! I agree - parenting is such a mix of joy, heartbreak and confusion.