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March 31, 2019

Little Library Rebuild #SOLC19

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Our little library at school was delivered two years ago.  "When they asked me if we wanted one," my principal explained, "I said yes!"

The little library was simply built with a plexiglass door.  It seemed pretty solid and was painted a greenish-gray.  We decided to place it near the edge of the blacktop, near the buddy bench.

Over the past two years, I've tried to encourage its use, placing books inside after school as the car-riders waited in line.  I set up tables and bookshelves filled with books near it during our end-of-year celebration. 

"Visit the little library ANY time!" I shouted.  "Keep any book you find inside!"

Sometimes the library gets cleaned out of books and then the students start filling the inside with rocks.  Other days I find grown-up books that are clearly past their life, pages ripped out and covers torn.

This winter, the maintenance crew asked if we could relocate the little library to a new spot, away from where they plow all the snow into a gigantic pile at the edge of the blacktop.  I took the opportunity to have them load the little library into my SUV so I could take it home for some TLC.

Yesterday I tried using a scraper and sander from my husband's tool collection to scrape off some delaminated pieces of plywood.  Unfortunately my hands and shoulders are just not strong enough.

Today my husband took matters into his hands.  He spent the day giving the little library a fresh start.  He cut new wood for the roof and side, he shingled the roof with redwood pieces, and he trimmed the edge of the roof.  The library looks amazing.  I plan to paint it cobalt blue with gold trim to match our school colors.

I truly appreciate all the work my husband put into this little library.  He has so much woodworking skill and knowledge.  What a gift to the students of my school!


  1. Your husband sounds like such a good guy! I know your school will appreciate all of his hard work!

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