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March 20, 2019

Reader's Theater #SOLC19

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We were invited by the fourth graders to watch their reader's theater performances, three in all.  Last week, to help fill their brains with schema (and do something different and intentional during state testing, the fourth grade class studied Greek myths.  Jenna, their teacher, chose three scripts that helped tell the stories of Persephone & Demeter, Arachne & Athena and Pandora's box.

The fifteen students were separated into three groups of mixed abilities and genders.  The students learned about the Greek myths in small groups with the teacher.  Then they had time to practice.  Each group was allowed one prop or scenery, and no more.

Jenna is a teacher who is always thinking.  She's not brash or outspoken.  She's doesn't put on a teacher show for the kids every day.  She teaches well, and her students grow.

The students posed for pictures before the performances began.  I coached them from the audience, "Pretend you are reading.  Keep scripts down away from your face.  We don't know what words are on your script, so we won't know if you mess up!"

Our math interventionist and principal also came to watch.  We were all so excited to be part of this exciting learning experience.

I sat back and watched my intervention students read alongside their peers.  None of them stood out.  Sure, their voices tended to be quieter, but all of them were brave, fluent readers.  The students helped each other stay on track, especially when a line was chorally read by two or three students.  You could tell they had practiced multiple times.

What an amazing time we had in fourth grade today!


  1. I love, love, love seeing kids doing things like this, when they are totally engaged, and when you can't tell which kids are which! This sounds like my kind of learning!

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