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April 10, 2012

Lots of GOOD news!

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Last week, we were lamenting the purposeful damage of my husband's new car.  <sigh>

This week, we have all found reasons to CELEBRATE!  

My husband received an email back from a community choir he contacted after he read about them in the newspaper.  He asked about open auditions, and learned they were taking new members that very day!  He now has a new choir with whom to stretch his vocal chords and singing talent each week.  HOORAY!

My oldest daughter is having a successful run on the school lacrosse team.  The team is only in their second year, and she was so excited to make the varsity team, even though she didn't play last year.  She hasn't scored a goal in a game yet, but she's had a few in practice.  It's SO exciting to hear her name over the loudspeaker at the stadium when she gains possession of the ball.  GO, COUGARS!!!

This week I inspired many intermediate, barely-motivated-readers to pick up a book, READ it, then try an Accelerated Reader (AR) test.  We're playing BINGO in each small group:  each time someone reads a book, talks with someone about it, then passes the AR test, they can put their name in a square.  They work together to strategically place their names so they form a BINGO.  The prizes included candy, erasers and mechanical pencils, so the kids were psyched to grab a bunch of books for the weekend.  WIN!

Finally, my youngest daughter had the drive and motivation to participate in poms tryouts for next year's high school team.  She stayed at the high school for 3 hours each night, managed to get her homework done (without nagging from me), and cheered on her friends who also tried out.  She wasn't a total crab when she still had to get up early for school.  Her great attitude, hard work, and smiles paid off.... she made the team.  WOOO HOOO!

I'm proud of all our accomplishments and happy for even the little moments (BINGO!)  It's an exciting time for my family.

April 3, 2012

Already damaged

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My husband bought a new car in March.  It's a Chrysler 300 SRT.  It's a total racing sedan, and it's his third one.  He really loves his car.  It's stylish, speedy and full of features.  He's waited since September for this one.

It's already damaged.

He bought his first SRT during a snowstorm.  It was tricky getting home (not much traction) and he commented that this was not a car to drive in the snow.  During spring break, he left it at the dealership to have the brakes checked.  Two of the mechanics took it for a test drive and flipped the car.  No one was hurt, but the car was totaled.  He was out of town on business when a police officer came to our house to have me sign the police report.  My heart has never beat faster.

The new car, as it sat in our driveway, was damaged.

His second SRT stayed with us through its lease, but I began to think the car was jinxed.   Two times my husband was rear-ended (once because of a duck, the other by a new driver hitting the car behind him).  He knew the first name of the receptionist at the body shop by the end of the car's lease.

The new car was scratched, purposefully.

This year he waited six months for the newest SRT to be built.  We've had it for less than a month.  Last night he discovered a scratch on the back of the trunk and a wad of gum at the end of the scratch.  He thinks it was done in our driveway, in broad daylight.  He felt so disgusted last night.

Why does someone have to ruin something nice?

It's a scratch that can be fixed, but we can't figure out why someone would do something like that.  It does hang over the sidewalk when it's parked.  Are there really bored teens?  The questions will never be answered.