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August 25, 2015

"That's the Lady!" #SOL

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Today was day five of school, and I've been in lots more classes, and assessing more students.  I'm quick to smile and wave at kids in the hallway, and when I quietly slide into classrooms, I have many kids volunteering to read with me.  (How awesome is that!?!?)

I'm also one of the people who works the morning car line.  With four of us directing traffic and receiving kids, it's getting easier each day.  It's fun to treat kids like celebrities as they arrive at school.  I make sure to have a smile, help little ones exit the car, and wish their parents a great day.

Today as I walked past some primary kiddos, one girl pointed at me and called out to her classmates, "That's the lady!"

"Who me?" I replied.

"That's the lady who took me out of my car today!" she told her friends.

"Did I do a good job?" I asked her, with a sheepish smile.

"Uh huh!" was the answer.

Day.  Made.

August 22, 2015

Connections. Passion. It's all good.

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After six days of new teacher orientation, staff meetings, unpacking boxes and learning names, I was READY to welcome students to school this week.  I joined the Car Line Crew in the mornings, and I have the opportunity to greet students as they arrive at school.  I joked that I felt like I was a footman at a gala event with a red carpet!  I grab a door handle and out pops a celebrity student who has been delivered for a day full of learning.  

My new school services preK four-year-olds through fourth graders, so the kids are adorable and excited to be at school.  They are lined up very early each morning.  The students and staff have such connections to each other - it's really a big family.   At the end of this week I received two hugs from kids passing by me as I sat in the hallway assessing other students.  They had just met me!

(Side note - I have been smiling so much that my face hurts!  I feel like Dug from "Up")


All of the staff - returning, veteran, new and seasoned - have a passion for teaching, a driving force to help our students succeed, and a helpful attitude.  Everyone has been patient and good listeners as I tell them my goals and my background.  Even though they may not be excited about some assessment or instructional directives, they are keeping the students in mind.  It shows!

It's all good.

To take a quote from Pete the Cat, it's all good.  Students are wondering who I am, but they are quick to return a smile.  I've walked the wrong way to my classroom and passed one room twice trying to find a teacher.  I am trying to be respectful when making suggestions, realizing that the way I've done assessment, grouping and data mining may not be the only way.  I'm working extra hard to keep my former students and colleagues in my heart and off my mind, but I feel their encouragement.  I can do this.

August 4, 2015

New beginnings #SOL15

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I made a decision this winter to pursue a reading position.  To get back to my passion, and to work as a resource teacher again.  I started sending out resumes and writing essays, and I started to feel lighter and excited.

I went on a good amount of interviews.  While I was nervous, I also felt content.  I love to talk about books and reading.  I feel confident about working with teachers to help grow their craft.  I know in my heart that a resource room is my comfort zone.

Then I was offered a job.  I agreed to work at a school far from my other district.  Away from my friends and students who I've worked with for twelve years.

How am I feeling?  A mix of excitement and nervousness.  I have a million questions and thousands of ideas.  I'm sorting my books and making notes and getting excited.

I've got my friends, Michelle and Karen on Voxer, so I'll have my literacy support system at my fingertips.  I also have my PLN on Twitter and all the slicers. (right!?)

I can't wait to get started this year!

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