My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

April 11, 2017

Humbled #SOL17

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My friend Wendy from high school publisher her first book last week.  HOORAY!  YIPPEE!  I attended her book signing at the Barnes & Noble near my school.

Our group was a party of six:  Sue (HS friend), Michelle, Nick and Sarah (work friends).  We enjoyed dinner and drinks before going to the bookstore.  It was fun to mix a group of young (<25) and seasoned (*ahem*) and teachers and non teacher for laughs, conversation and book love.

When we arrived at the bookstore before the event.  We hugged and visited with Wendy, hoping to calm her nerves.  Mona, another friend from elementary school, was right at the entrance.  A few more HS friends came through and I snapped a few selfies (I'm really no good at them!).

It was really fun to catch up with some book-loving friends, and see Wendy at a table signing HER book.  I couldn't wait to get to school the next day.  I had told my 4th and 5th graders that I would be attending a book signing of a "real author!"  Although the book YA romance and geared to high schoolers, I promised my students I would show them the book.

The next morning I hosted a group of my fourth graders.  Usually there are four girls and one boy, but my lone gentleman was not at school.  I showed the girls the cover and Wendy's signature and note in the front.  One of the girls wanted to start reading it (yikes!) but I gently recovered the book and flipped to the back, and summarized the"About the author" information.  E asked if they could hear some more so I flipped to the acknowledgements.  I scanned and pointed out how authors like to thank their families and publishers and others that helped them with the book.  All four girls were crowded around me, and all at once.  I saw it. My name.  In the acknowledgements.


I have to admit, my eyes started to tear.  I was overcome with emotions. At first the girls watched me in shock, and then I explained what I had found.   They squealed.  E jumped up, "YOU'RE FAMOUS!"  We decided to show Mrs. Hernandez, our library para.  The girls had to nearly carry me.

I explained to the girls that this amazing thing had happened to me for two reasons (I think).  One, I've tried to be a good friend, and 2) I read one of Wendy's books and provided some feedback.

I'm so humbled to be mentioned.  I'm such a little speck in the writing process, and I was truly happy to help my friend by reading!!  My heart is so full for Wendy.  She faced a bunch of waiting and rejection and realized her dream.  I'm so glad to have her as a role model for the readers and the writers in my classroom, even if I don't hand them her book...yet.  (I'll make sure their high school has a copy!)