My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

June 20, 2017

Morning daughter, evening daughter #SOL17

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Two Writing Teachers
This summer both of my college-aged daughters are home.  It's been fun (and slightly frustrating) to cook and share meals and annoy them with my constant questions and conversations.
 (Can you tell I miss working with my students?  It's too quiet at home!)

My oldest is an early bird.  She's taking two classes, working on student government projects, and bouncing between two internships.  We share a pot of coffee in the morning as she fine-tunes her Spanish homework and I read two newspapers.  Today she wished she had decided to sit on the beach this summer.  I told her to start practicing, "Sorry, I can't help" but we both like to be involved and helpful.

My youngest would sleep ALLLLL DAAAAYYYY if she could.  She's babysitting and works camp next month for little ones with special needs.  Yesterday she went back to dance classes for the first time in three years.  Today she was on the couch, with legs that "can.not.move."  We spend time together in the evenings watching movies or singing along to music.

It's fun (but still, there's a lot of dishes) to have these two around this summer.  I know in a few years my house will empty (maybe?) and Jeff will have to entertain me.  But for now, I'm grateful for the summer and connecting with my girls.

June 13, 2017

Helping with smooth transitions #SOL17

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I spent yesterday visiting three schools.  When I pulled up to the first school, I was early.  I drove around the neighborhood, just to calm my nerves.

Two of my friends are transferring schools after many years at one building.  Their plans were to check in with the office staffs, scope out classrooms and walk their new buildings.  I was just along as a support person, but I couldn't help feeling jittery for my friends.

Once we got to the office, my first friend introduced herself to the secretaries and sounded confident. The two of us stood behind her smiling.  "Brought an entourage, huh!?" laughed the secretary.

"We're her team, her tribe!" I chuckled.

We toured, we checked out rooms, we compared schools.  We relaxed.  We eventually were brave enough to knock on the conference room door and introduce ourselves to the new administration. 

After smiles, introductions and handshakes, we left school number one.  We decided the visit was a little awkward but worth the time.  We then drove over to school number two.

At school two, we reconnected with staff members from other schools and checked in with the office staff.  The second school was fun to tour because we had more confidence.  We shared some laughs and jokes with the custodial staff.  My friend who will be moving to this school began planning furniture placement.  

The final school I visited was the one I left two years ago.  It was really sweet to catch up with the secretaries and AP.  As I closed the door firmly behind me, I confirmed that my decision to leave was right for me.  

Now I'm ready to help my friends transition to new schools, new staff, new students.  They are both bringing their vast collection of books, which they will find to be a bridge to making new connections and friends.  I will be there for them when they have celebrations and struggles, just like they have for me.  

As one chapter ends, another begins!