My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

April 22, 2011

Student Blogs

I'm a teacher-leader and a teacher-follower.  I can get my colleagues excited about books and crazy ideas, but I'm really good at taking other people's ideas and running with them!

My fellow reading teacher, Michelle, was the first to start up student blogs on  I was reluctant to follow her lead with my students because I had many doubts and questions: 
Won't they treat kidblog like that social media site where we all spend too much time?
What will they blog about?
Will they have enough to say and will it make sense?
Michelle set a high bar for her intermediate students, and they dove into blogging head first.  I was in awe.  I was jealous.  I set up blogs for my students immediately!  I have been so tickled by they amount of ideas and writing and wonderful conversations my students have been having.  They are so appropriate and respectful.  They want to share so much about themselves.

The best part of this blogging experience came when a current student logged into the kidblog site from home.  Her older brother is a former student of mine, and he was instantly curious and tried to blog when she walked away from the computer.  My student was frustrated, so she asked me to add her brother to the site.  Now this former student, the one who would cringe each time he picked up a pencil, has posted all about his favorite basketball team and their path to the championships. 
He has become a writer.  My students now see themselves as writers.
I couldn't be prouder.

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  1. Yeah! I think it is so important to integrate technology and help bring our students into the 21st century. THIS is their future, so let's help them assimilate this genre of reading and writing.