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August 7, 2012

Library Love Fest

My public library is my MOST favorite place in my town, and I've had some of the best moments there this summer.
  • I met up with friend Becky, from high school, who thought my public library was the most amazing library she'd ever seen. (Then we went to the most fabulous bakery that's right across the street!)
  • I introduced Michelle's twins to the incredible Enchanted Forest in our children's section.  They loved "meeting" the Very Hungry Caterpillar and sitting in a little house to read.
  • My younger teen daughter was excited to pick up TTYL (written by Lauren Myracle in online chat speak) and The Battle of Jericho by Sharon Draper (a fave author).  This was exciting for me, but the cherry on top of the sundae came when we stepped into the magazine section.  She couldn't believe all the different topics she could choose from (Birds! Fashion! Hollywood!)
  • I joined the adult reading club and already won a nifty bookmark with seeds to plant in the garden.  One more book (we only had to read 8... no problem here!) and I win another prize!
  • I have become a regular customer of the "book holds" area.  One day I got four emails telling me my holds were in.  I felt like a celebrity!
I wish everyone could have a library, as cool as mine, and within walking distance from their home. 
I wish the library was open 24/7, so anyone could get a book anytime.  

I wonder if the library would ever consider having an overnight, lock-in event.  My friend Becky and I thought (at the very same time) how cool that would be.

Do you love your library?

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  1. My girls and I do love your library too! But my library is closer to home, so I love my library! I, too, love receiving the emails that a book is ready for me to pick up - I just received one early that "Divergent" is ready for me to walk in and pick up! (There were 26 holds before me, so I've been waiting some time!) This is really the only way I borrow books from the library. No true browsing (the twins make that a difficult task), just walk in and pick up stacks of books!

    An overnight in a library? Sounds great . . . wonder if THAT book has been written??? That would be a story to tell!

    Continue enjoy the wonders of the library!

    1. Continue TO enjoy the wonders of the library!

  2. An overnight with stories... ohhh that does sound cool! A library is a great place... a place to get lost and imagine!

  3. I love how personal the library is for you, "my library" not "the library." you do sound like you have a very cool library. I have several very cool libraries that I can visit. The library people actually turned an empty lumber yard into a great library. Read on!

  4. My library was a Carneige library built in 1912 with funds from Andrew Carneige. They added on later and this main part is not really that lovely. It is a small town library with a great selection. I almost always find the book I am looking for. It is mine and I am there most Saturdays for a visit. I am a little jealous about the adult club...libraries ROCK! Thanks for sharing your love.

  5. Our library is relatively new and is totally awesome (ask Michelle). I have found it very convenient to put books on hold and just drop in to pick them up. They also have a great audio section and I have found listening instead of reading to come in handy (especially on long drives to IL and back).

  6. Some libraries are definitely better than others, but the reason we bought our house many years ago is that there was a library within walking distance. I think they are amazing, and we in the US are so lucky we have them. I am saddened that some are being cut because of budget problems. Thanks for all your stories-I have a hold line too!

  7. I constantly remind my students of the benefits of the public library. When I do booktalks, students make lists of books to request. As soon as I read a book review that piques my interest, I'm off to place a hold. I can't believe how convenient it is. Our library has a section of popular paperback fiction and nonfiction books that I can quickly peruse while I'm there to pick up holds.
    I love your best moments spent there list. Hooray for public libraries!