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January 8, 2013

Winter Break Reading Blitz

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I realized in December that I was falling short of my Goodreads goal of 212 books read.  I didn't stress...I just made a plan to read a lot of books over winter break.  I started with a big stack from the library on the 26th, and I downloaded the max number of books to my iPad.  I posted an event to some of my FB friends asking them to guess how many books I would read over break.  The person with the winning guess would win the book of their chosing.

I read 23 books over winter break, and that included picture books, graphic novels and young adult novels.  I read books before I gave them as gifts, I read some great books, and I abandoned two books.  Here are few of my favorites:

First Date  by Krista McGee
This realistic young adult novel finds Addy on a reality show, looking to win a prom date with the President's son, Jonathan.  Addy would prefer to be at home, attending her close-knit Christian school.  Addy feels torn between her attraction to Jonathan and her complete disgust for the show's premise and producer.  Quick read if you're a fan of The Bachelor.

The Science of Snow:  The Science of Winter's Wonder by Mark Cassini and Jon Nelson
This awesome non fiction picture book has the COOLEST photographs of actual snow crystals.  I'm a huge fan of snow, and this is a book I plan to share with others interested in learning more about the fluffy white magical stuff!

Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John
This young adult novel features a hard-of-hearing protagonist, Piper.  She's on track to attend Gaulladet University until her parents spend her college account on a cochlear implant for her profoundly deaf baby sister.  Piper accepts a challenge of managing a high school rock band (which she can barely hear!) to earn some cash and make a name for the band, Dumb.  Lots of rock references to Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix as this book takes place in Washington state.

Dinosaur vs. Santa by Bob Shea
I bought this raucous picture book for my youngest nephew.  I loved reading it with enthusiasm in e bookstore and clearly embarrassed my oldest daughter.  Dinosaur versus presents.....ROAR! Dinosaur opens the presents with gusto.  This one is a riot!


  1. It sounds like you had a delightful winter break full of reading. There isn't anything better and a good book.

  2. Wow, 23 books! What a fun time you must have had! Here's a title to go along with your snow book, The Snow Show by Carolyn Fisher. It's a fun picture book that tells how snow is made in the format of a game show. It even has bloopers at the end.

  3. Hey...I was totally looking for a new snow book....thanks. Thanks for the reviews. 23 books, I'm impressed. I read 2 pretty much on our flights...however one was almost as long as Gone With the Wind. Xo

  4. TWENTY THREE! That's great! Reading was a big part of my break, too. Isn't it wonderful to read, read, read? Glad you abandoned the couple of books you wanted to, as well. Sometimes it is hard to do that, though, with all the good books to read, I don't know why.

  5. Wow, 23 is incredible! You FB event sounds like such a fun way to kick off your reading break -- what a cute idea! I had fun reading over break too, although I didn't do nearly as well as you did!

  6. Wow! Twenty-three books! That's a ton! Your review made me want to track down FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB.I'm thinking that SNOW might be good for a presentation I'm doing in February- it's about using picture books with intermediate grade kids. I'm going to look for it. Thanks!

  7. Sounds like a terrific break to me, Chris. So happy for you that you had the time & the time & the time. I'm wishing for more. I am settling into my new home (it's been a month) & hopefully soon will sell the former house, etc. The dinosaur book does sound great. There are quite a number of fun books out there about dinosaurs. Happy Reading!

  8. 23 is a very large two digit umber when it comes to reading over winter break. It must have been super pleasurable to get lost in so many different texts. Winter break is my favorite reading time. I just wish the break would have been longer.