My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

February 10, 2013

Sunday Sweets

My favorite snarky blog, Cake Wrecks, always posts beautiful cakes on Sundays. (Other days their goal is to out the bakers who mess up.)

Today I had a pretty sweet Sunday!

  • Stayed up late with my husband, sharing a combination of  laughs, tears and deep conversation
  • Slept until nearly 9:00 a.m.
  • Made the most beautiful cup of coffee with a topping of foamed milk
  • Accompanied a young, incredible violinist with my community orchestra 
      • (click here to see him in action!)
  • Relaxed and laughed with my daughters and husband over a delicious dinner and delectable dessert
  • Finished a few loads of laundry
  • Coached my youngest on her homework (and miraculously stayed positive)
  • Checked in on the Grammy's, ogled Prince, and talked music with my oldest
  • Wrote on my blog
  • Climbed into bed and counted my blessings
I'm hoping I can keep the relaxed feel of today alive during the rest of the week, finding joy in the simplest moments.

1 comment:

  1. Finding joy in the simplest moments...what a blessing! It was so comforting and calming to read this slice. Hope the feeling is still there, joined by more sweet moments each day!