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May 14, 2013

Thankful for nurses

Yesterday, my husband had heart surgery to repair a genetic defect.  The surgery was successful, and I'm thankful for all the awesome people who decided to make their career nursing.

Kind and Caring
The pre-op nurses were calming and funny.  They soothed our anxious nerves as they prepped my husband for his procedure.  They shared stories about their pets (the female cat named Jeffrey) and their families.  All of them had great bedside manner, even at such an early hour.  

Informed and Efficient
The communication nurses balanced their pagers, phones and notebooks.  They gave precise information -in minute increments - about the status of the surgery.  They scurried between waiting areas to find families and delivered messages in a clear language.

Essential and Confident
The nurses in the ICU were able to welcome us into a maze of intimidating machines, scared to see our loved one in such a vulnerable condition.  They gave clear status updates as we stared with large eyes and my knees buckled.  They assured us that we could leave, eat and rest, and they would keep a vigilant watch.

Tireless and Patient
The recovery nurses have the hardest job.  They get to work through the pain, nausea and meals.  They support and walk with my husband when he doesn't really want to.  They deal with family visitors who are in the way in a room that barely fits the patient and his equipment.  They will see the most improvement, but they will work the hardest.

I am so very thankful for the incredible nurses who have helped us navigate this very intense experience.  May they get the thanks they deserve on a regular basis.


  1. You've truly captured your experience and I'm so glad those nurses are there to help you both every step of the way! Their job is difficult, but they are there for all the right reasons. I loved your adjectives to describe them. I'm thinking that's how I want to be described as a teacher too!

    I'm so glad that you had an opportunity to slice and to reflect on all that is going on with Jeff. It will be an uphill battle, but I know you will continue to learn from those nurses so that you can push him toward a smooth and quick recovery so he is feeling better!

    Hugs to you and Jeff!!!

  2. Nurses are very very special people to say the least. They see and feel the fears and unknowns of the families as well as the patients. Hang in there Chris and positive energy to you and Jeff. ;-)

  3. I think nurses are some of the most incredible people. A good nurse can make a bad situation tolerable. Nurses are healers, friends, and life savers!

    My best to your husband as he recovers.

  4. How true....I do hope your husband has a sped recovery. If it is up to the nurses...he will be up and about in no time. Your tribute to nurses says it all...each step...anyone who has been in such circumstances will agree with you. It takes someone special to be a nurse...just like it takes a special person to be a teacher. It is a good thing that we each have our own talents and hopefully follow them. Jackie

  5. Nurses, like teachers, don't always get their due. Your slice describes not only the nurses and their caring, but also the experience of Jeff's procedure and your feelings. My prayers and thoughts are with Jeff, you and your girls.

  6. Yes, nurses like teachers need to be valued for what they do - every day - as professionals making a difference in people's lives. Thank you for the reminder to thank a nurse the next time you "use" one!

  7. Please know my prayers are for your husband and you as well as you begin the long road of recovery - post nursing care!