My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

October 27, 2015

Morning Effort #SOL15

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I'm really excited to be working in a new school this year.

I'm really exhausted since I'm working in a new school this year.

I'm back in the reading support game, but lots of new materials, procedures, people and spaces.

Today I slid out of my car, feeling every day of my forty-six years.  The humidity, cold air and dark morning did nothing to make me feel better.  I reallllyyyyy didn't want to get out of bed this morning.
I left my bags in the car and slowwwly walked over to my colleagues at the car line.

"Hello, pumpkin!"  called Michelle L.

"On the struggle bus today, Chris?" teased Michelle Z.  (She knows I tend to drive the struggle bus!)

I whined a little lot and considered getting back in my car.  MZ offered to tell the office I was going home sick.  ML encouraged me to do what I needed for me.

I decided to stay.

What changed my mind?  My 3rd graders.  They are my final two groups of the day, yet they come each day (mostly) without whining or complaining.  They are eager to have their reading time, write with pens! and leave with a pile of books each day.  If they could have stamina, so could I.

(D does ask every few minutes, "Is it 5:00 yet?"  He knows he is released from small group at 2:25, so we need to work on his clock-reading skills, hee, hee) 

I welcomed a bunch of kiddos to school, went back to my car for my bags, and I walked in with a kindergarten student who was dragging tail (and his Alvin backpack).

"I'm glad you came to school today," I told him.

"You, too," he said.


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying the new school Chris! Teaching is exhausting as we all know but it's the kiddos that always keep us going! xoxo

  2. As one reading teacher to another, this is really the tail-dragging time of year. And kudus to you for showing up for those third graders.
    I find intervention entirely thrilling and superbly exhausting (and I have a few more years on you.) I hope you will find some recharge time as you climb the learning curve at your new school.
    (sorry if this was a duplicate comment...wordpress went all wonky)

  3. Reading your slice was good for my soul. I teach third grade. They get me to school on the tough days, and make me happy I got there when the mornings are a challenge. Thank you for sharing this snapshot.

  4. Chris, so glad things are going well at your new school. I'm sure some days are more "draggy" than others, but when you see the kids excited, it gets you recharged. Here's to many less draggy days and more energized days!