My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

February 7, 2017

One Little Word? Not yet. #SOL17

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2017 started yesterday, right?  Yeesh - I'm 38 days late to that party!  Whooosh - this new year is already flying by.  Lots of excuses and reasons I haven't written on the blog or read a lot of books:
  • grad school AGAIN (ESL endorsement 84% complete)
  • new principal ('nuff said)
  • second year at new school
  • too much paperwork I keep putting off
  • lots of political tweets and news and events to follow
  • everything else has bumped writing out of the way
This year I'm trying something new (because I'm refining and trying strategies every day) of stopping and thinking before I jump in to:  answer for someone else, raise my hand to volunteer or help a child or adult do something that they are capable of doing themselves.

So that leaves me with the question... what IS my One Little Word for 2017??

Is it...
  • stop
  • pause
  • mindful
  • reflect
  • choose
Calling all readers ... do you have some advice?  I tend to talk about being intentional with my fellow teachers, but I'm too impulsive for that one.

Thanks for listening.  It was good to write and get this out of my head.  


  1. Having read your post...
    I vote for "choose."
    It is a positive act, and makes us decide priorities-
    something busy teachers need to do :)
    Glad you're back to blogging!

  2. Welcome back! I tend to love verbs or multiple-part-of-speech OLWs... I think I love "pause" the best. It encompasses all the others in such a peaceful, yet commanding, way. (Yay for you for getting your TESOL endorsement -- let me know if you want to chat about ELLs! They are truly the best kids anywhere!)

  3. I think finding our OLW can be so hard. We want it to be perfect...but sometimes it just isn't. Like my word last year which was intent! Maybe writing again will help it to find you! Good luck.

  4. welcome back and good luck in grad school and thats a great word!

  5. Can't help you with your OLW as I am still unable to decide on my own! Glad you are back to writing, 'tho I completely understand how precious your time is with so many things to do every day. The Trump inauguration is beginning to feel like the fallout from the introduction of the Common Core! Everyone is consumed by it.