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Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

July 3, 2012


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It's been an emotional few days in our community.  One of the moms in the circle suddenly passed away, leaving two high school-aged daughters and a husband behind.

Tragic.  Awful.  Unfair.  Terrible.

I had not met this mom, but I still grieved.  Here was a mom, close to my age, gone so suddenly.  I got goosebumps every time I spoke with someone about her.

During this emotional time, I felt the need to find all the blessings and wonderful things around me.  I needed to find the sunshine and blue sky amid a dark storm.  I needed to stay strong for my friends who were close with the mom, and for our girls, who were trying to find ways to comfort and stay strong for their friends, her daughters.

Today's gratitude list is brought to you by a tragic event.  I definitely plan to start valuing the people around me on a more regular basis - even when the silly, stupid stuff in life brings me down.

I am grateful for...
  • my husband - a man I've known for 30 (!) years, who I drive completely bonkers on a daily basis, yet he's my number one fan
  • my daughters - they are my two favorite people.  I love coaching them and yes, nagging them, to be the best people they can be
  • my friends - I have friends from grade school, high school, grad school, my neighborhood, work, Twitter and blogging.  They've helped me to figure out who I am, and have helped me realize that I don't need to worry about what anyone else thinks
  • my family - parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents (RIP, GP!)
  • my sense of humor and (mostly) positive attitude
  • BOOKS, libraries, authors, and all the nerdy book people
  • chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, the cacao bean...tee hee!
May you find the blue skies and sunshine during your next emotional storm, or help a friend through their storm. 


  1. Why is it that it takes something tragic to make us realize how much we have and how we take it all for granted? Thanks for the reminder to be thankful each day for all those little things that come our way. My heart and prayers go out to this young woman's family and friends.

  2. My heart goes out to the so sad but you are right we need to appreciate all that we have in our lives and less time complaining about what we wish or don't have. Also life can be shortened in a blink so live each day as if it's your last...

  3. A beautiful list of things in your life to appreciate.

  4. Thanks for this reminder. I need to make one of these lists this week. And all things chocolate will definitely be on it!

  5. What a list. I bet it will be one you return to again and again. May your family find strength as you support others.

  6. Amid all that terrible sense of loss is the comfort your community is able to provide for the grieving family. That is important work....

  7. I was thinking I should make a list like this...sorry for the loss in your community!

  8. I'm so have an awesome list that I really connected with. It also was so authentic and heartfelt.

    I loved your last line- and those rogue winds...they really hit at unexpected times. Thanks for sharing. xo nanc

  9. I think it's important to remember what we are thankful for, and to hold it extra-close, when tragedy strikes. We cannot control everything in the world, but we can control how we look at our world and treat the people around us.

    Like you said: Tragic. Awful. Unfair. Terrible. There really aren't any other words, are there?


  10. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful. Prayers to you all as you go through this challenging time.

  11. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and prayers. Writing has helped me sort out everything, and I really needed a chance to realize how very lucky I am to be surrounded by awesome people!