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July 10, 2012

Summer time

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A song from my daughter's first grade classroom keeps popping in my the tune of the Adams Family theme song...
Days of the week (snap, snap)
Days of the week (snap, snap)
Okay, I can't remember how the rest of it goes, but it names all the days of the week.

Since it's summer vacation, I'm having a terrible time remembering what day it is!  I've dutifully added everything to the calendar, and I'm able to distinguish the weekends from the weekdays, but oh boy, don't ask me what day it is!

I think this is a very good problem!

My husband is traveling for work most of the summer, so that makes me the grown-up in charge (hahahaha!).  My mornings have a routine:

wake up
take girls to summer school
walk with Cindy
come home

Once I'm home, I get completely lost in Twitter, blogs, books, cleaning up the kitchen, laundry, shower, organizing something, decide to organize later, reading, moving papers around, back to the computer, more reading, did I dry my hair?, sending out some emails....

Poof!  It's time to pick up the girls, feed them and shuttle my oldest to sports camp.

I try to do something outside the house in the afternoons, but since last week was SO hot, I ended up repeating lots of my morning activities.

Can someone tell me what day it is?
Nah, don't bother, I'm on summertime!

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  1. I have this problem too! It's a GREAT problem to have! Let's enjoy it as long as we can and continue to get "lost" in the days.

  2. It's summertime but some how you remembered it was Tuesday to Slice! :) I think it is a good problem to have as well. Enjoy your days to come -- whatever day it may be!

  3. I love being on summer time. You have captured the joys of it perfectly here. Let's enjoy it to the fullest!

  4. A wonderful time to relax and do what you want, when you want!

  5. My hubby has a problem with this also (it happens when you retire). He wants a calendar that tells him only the day of the week. It's a good thing I work on Tuesday and Wednesday - that way he can keep track of two days of the week. Enjoy forgetting the days during the summer - you need time to relax and enjoy regardless of what day it might happen to be.

  6. Chris,
    SUMMERtime is a great time to be on! Yes, I have a little of the same problem-need to look at the calendar...the problem is, it's going too fast!

  7. This sounds like a great schedule! Enjoy!

  8. I like your realization at the end of the post: It's SUMMERtime. Days of the week don't really matter, do they?

  9. I love summertime. Besides not knowing what day of a week it is, we can't keep track of time either because in Estonia it becomes light very early in the morning and stays light rather late in the evening. It's wonderful when time doesn't matter. No problem.