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November 20, 2012

Back in the reading habit

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Hooray!  I've been reading L O T S of books since last week.  I'm feeling better about my reading (too bad I have a cracked filling and a stuffy head... but that's a different slice) !!!

Here are some books I read that are worth a shout out!

This adorable story by Paul Schmid finds Petunia in a power struggle with her parents over the animal she thinks would be a perfect pet.  My 4th graders cracked up at Petunia's verbal meltdown in the middle of the story.  I love the beautifully simple purple illustrations.

Elizabeth Levy has a great protagonist in Cassie.  She's a middle school girl with a retired football player for a dad.  Cassie bounces between mom's house and dad/stepmom's house.  Things get interesting when Cassie is asked to try out for the football team, even though she hasn't played since she was 7 in the Pee Wee league.  I love Cassie's perseverance.  

These were my favorites from this weekend's reading.  Next up on the to-read list (see my list on Goodreads) are:

Happy reading to all during this holiday weekend!  I'm so thankful for the time to spend with my family, friends and BOOKS!


  1. The joy in your writing about these books oozes throughout. Having something to read is a necessary part of our DNA. Enjoy your reading time over the long weekend.

  2. I'm putting them on my must read books. Enjoy the holidays. xo

  3. Cheering with you!
    Books are friends.

  4. I want to read the Baby Mouse books! Thanks for reminding me about them.

  5. You are giving me ideas of what to do with a couple of extra days off....maybe I should try reading simple/easy books for a change....maybe blogging about them later.

  6. Petunia is about to go on my Amazon Wish List. Sounds adorable!