My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

November 6, 2012

Taking Care of My Customers

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When I need a quick lunch during the school day, I like to stop at the Culver's near our school.  Sure, their burgers are tasty and the custard is yummy, but the reason I keep going is their customer service. Everyone who works there has a smile on their face, even when it's busy or they are taking out the trash.  They will stop by your table and clear your place if you are finished eating.  They always thank you for coming.

I'm trying to recognize the customers in my life and treat them very well.  Sometimes it's tricky (when working with demanding adults) but most times it's very easy (when I see students).

My customer service habits include:
  • Smiling and waving at students I see in the hallway.
  • Chatting with students as they unpack their bags or wait in lines.
  • Practicing great listening skills.
  • Thanking colleagues for new information, papers, or stopping by.
  • Ensuring my students that I'm glad they came to my class and worked so hard.
  • Reminding former students that they can borrow books from my room.
  • Trying to smile -- even when I'm tired, crabby or frustrated.
  • Being approachable
What are your customer service skills?  I'm glad I've reminded myself to keep smiling.  


  1. I think the best customer service skill is listening and being patient, but a smile and a hug (if allowed) go a long way to pleasing people. Thanks for the reminder that we all have customers - be they adults or children.

  2. I'll bet your "customers" love the service they get from you. A smile goes a long way, adding a kind word is a bonus.

  3. Great way to look at it. I was thinking about the customer service we try to provide those demanding adults. It can be hard, but sometimes we have to grin and bear it - unless we truly believe it's wrong for children. Then a tough discussion, whether you like it or not, can be had so that we best meet the needs of our students. Deep breath. Smiles are good and your long list of customer service habits are very true and reliable. :)

  4. Those are the customer service habits to achieve and uphold. Keep it up! The world will be a better place if most people in the industry has customer service skills like yours. Of course, you may not be able to appease everyone, but what matters is you’ve heard what they have to say about your services, and that should serve as your pointers for improvement.

    Sonia Roody @ TeleDirect