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February 15, 2016

College reality sandwich

Yesterday my younger daughter, Allison, and I braved a snowstorm to drive to Iowa City to visit my oldest daughter, Lindsey.  My husband did his best to encourage us to leave EARLY for the trip, but since we are not as organized and time conscious, we ended up dealing with pretty crummy road conditions.

It's fun to visit Lindsey is her "natural habitat" (as I call it).  She has embraced the college scene with open arms, becoming involved in campus activities, res hall fun, political events and orientation team.  As she gave us her schedule for today alone, I tried not to cringe.  Her plate is super full, but she's managing it all.  I am confident that she's eating and sleeping and working on homework,  I know she will call or text when she needs a bit of encouragement.  I'm glad she's young!

Our other motivation for coming was to give Allison a taste of college life.  She recently was accepted to her top college pick (very exciting!!) and this trip gives her a preview of dorm living, food, and classes.  I dropped both girls at Lindsey's dorm last night and thanked her roommate for letting Allison crash there.  

This afternoon I will meet up with the girls and see how the experiment went.  Allison had all her college info out last night and was making a list of housing needs.  I hope she got out and socialized with the other students on the floor.  I hope she can see herself as a successful student this fall.  I know she can go away and make college her own - I think she just needs to be confident in her decision.  I'm pleased that Lindsey was able to host Allison and give her a chance to test drive the college scene!

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  1. That's what older sisters are for - to help and guide. Hoping it was a good experiments and some insight was gained by Allison. I'm sure it was exciting for Lindsey to have you both visit. Hope all else is going well for you. Hugs