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March 1, 2016

What's a "Slice?" #SOLSC 1/31

It's the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!
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Many years ago, I joined Michelle Nero in a classroom during our days of push in writing instruction.  The mini (maxi!) lesson was creating a narrative about a small moment in time ... just like a slice... of 

The metaphor Michelle used was that life was a pizza.  You have good and bad experiences (mushrooms are good for me, maybe yucky for you!) and they all combine for your pizza of life.  You can't write about the whole pizza for a narrative - you just need to write about one slice!

Fast forward to 2016.  I'm in a new school with a fresh batch of elementary students in many intervention groups.  All of them have writing books, and I have a variety of writing tools.  When I hand them their writing books (simply a pile of copy paper sandwiched between two pieces of cardstock), I guide each group of students in making their pizza of life.
"What do you like on your pizza?" I ask.
"Sausage!  Pepperoni! Cheese, lots of cheese!" they exclaim.
"Do you ever put mushrooms your pizza?" I ask.
"Why not?"
"I don't like mushrooms.  Ewwww," is the usual response.
 (Maybe someday, someone will like mushrooms like me!)
The purpose of this discussion is to have my students write words or draw pictures of people, places and things that are important to them and their life.  This pizza becomes a source of inspiration to them when they need ideas about what to write about.  When students get stuck, I guide them to their pizza.

What will go on your pizza?  What slice will you serve up each day of writing?

(Yes, you're right, food can be found on my pizza!)

Happy writing and happy slicing! 


  1. Hey Chris! I would just like a slice of Chicago pizza! ;-) Miss you. xoxo

  2. This talk of pizza is making me hungry. What a perfect analogy for kids to develop thinking about a slice of narrative.

  3. Great way to think outside of the box (or should the pizza be in a box?) I'll have to remember this for those days of nothing to write. So glad you're on this adventure again this year! Hugs

  4. I remember those days ... that are lives are made up of different slices of life. Little did we know that "slicing" would become a big part of who we are today as writers! :) So glad you are joining in this journey again! 31 days to stay connected sounds great to me!

  5. When you think of this writing challenge one slice at a time, it's not so overwhelming. Maybe. Loved your slice!