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July 27, 2016

BElive in YOUrself

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Allison showed me a picture on Pinterest.  "I love this quote.  See how the BE in believe and the YOU in yourself is highlighted?  I'm going to make this for my wall."

My youngest daughter loves to surround herself with inspirational quotes and crafty projects.  She's a creative mind amid lots of practical, linear thinkers.  She needs constant reassurance that she is OK and doing the right things in life.

As much as I tell Allison and my oldest daughter, Lindsey, that they are perfect just the way they are and to celebrate their strengths, I've struggled with the my own self-esteem over the years.  My internal voice likes to remind me that I need to work harder to be organized, be leaner, be less of a talker and get things finished!

This summer I have worked on self care.  Reminding myself (like I tell my daughters and my students) that I am human.  I am a work in progress that doesn't need to be anyone but myself.  It has taken me 46 years on the planet (and a LOT of meditation) to realize that it is just fine to be who I am, quirks and all, and be passionate about what I do and what I love.

Wow.  Heavy stuff.  But not really.  I'm feeling lighter and less stressed and more grounded!
Why? How? One big help?

This summer I immersed myself back into the world of books. 

  •  I downloaded a pile of YA books from the library and devoured them.
  • I visited Little Free Libraries and added to the collections.
  • I sat under a tree at school each week and handed books to families.
  • I worked through two grad school classes for my ESL endorsement and made sure I spread book love through the class discussions (predictable!)
  • I attended NErdCampMI in Parma, MI, with my new book-loving teacher-friend (Meghan Hernandez!), surrounded by thoughtful teacher leaders (Cathy Mere!), librarians, authors, and many, many book heroes.

This summer I took a deep breath.  I realized I don't need to BE anyone but ME.
Quirks (clicking pens), habits (eating chocolate), loves (books, music, family), and dislikes (broccoli!).

BElieve in YOUrself.

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  1. Great post, Chris. I love the quote and it's so true - we need to take time for ourselves, accept ourselves as we are and not rely on those out there who keep pressuring us with the negative. Glad that you are doing so well.