My classroom is not a quiet, orderly place.
Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

February 11, 2014


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Journal entry, Wednesday, 2/5/14

We received 7" of snow today.  That puts the season total at 59".
The girls made it to school safely and on time.
I spent the day helping teachers fill out intervention paper trails.
Oldest daughter talked of athlete friends signing for a college.
Youngest daughter assembled our new snowblower while I purchased a new gas can and gas.
We had takeout for dinner.
I called my dad to ask how much oil to put in the snowblower.
I got an email from a friend who faces brain surgery.

Why am I sitting here crying over my hot cocoa?
I couldn't get the gas out of the can and into the snowblower, so we gave up and shoveled.

I need some perspective.


  1. SO many big concerns and issues...Yet, I suspect your tears were those of frustration over things you cannot control - there are many - rather than over the cocoa! I wish your friend the best possible outcome and pray your blower is ready before the next blast of winter comes your way....and that your tears were limited - hate to ruin a good cup of cocoa!

  2. We have had snow but not to that extent. I have felt as you have with needing perspective. Sometimes it's hard. Hope your friend's surgery goes well.

  3. Aww. That would be frustrating. But I agree, probably just everything at once. Prayers for your friend. And for calm.

  4. Praying for peace right now in Jesus name! Life is crazy we need peace in this storm! You are doing an amazing job.