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February 18, 2014

Savoring the Olympics

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We have a tradition at our house. It happens every two years. We are glued to the television each night of the summer and winter Olympic Games.

My girls and husband sing the Olympic Anthem at random times. We have a countdown preceding the opening games (starting at 100 days). We practice our geography skills during the parade of athletes.  Homework in front of the television is only allowed during the Olympics.

Why are we so enthralled?  My husband and I are amazed by all the sports we never had the opportunity to try due to our talents (more musical than athletic) and geographic location (Illinois flatlands).

Our oldest daughter watches any and all sports.  She sees Olympic games as the pinnacle of all sports, and she has great respect for the athletes.  Our youngest daughter loves the flexibility and artistry of the skaters and gymnasts.  She is in awe of their abilities.

We are thoroughly enjoying these 2014 Winter Olympics, but to me they are bittersweet.  This year my oldest daughter graduates from high school.  Her sister will follow in 2016.  These winter games will be the last time (for awhile) that we will spend hours together each day analyzing the athletes, keeping track of medals and cheering for the USA.

The Olympics will be an event that we will always share, whether near or far from each other.


  1. Thanks for sharing your family tradition.

  2. I have to admit that watching the Olympics by myself is not as much fun as it is with the family! Hopefully when the next summer Olympics roll around there will be more life at my house! Happy watching for a few more days!

  3. Wonderful tradition. Watching the Olympics is so much better when you share it with others. Hubby & I have enjoyed every moment of the skating, skiing, curling (totally amazes me), and others events. I'll miss it next week when there is "nothing on to watch".