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I parent two amazing young adult daughters with my husband of 28 years.

March 26, 2019

Push and pull #SOLC19

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"I need a new job!" Allison entered the room in a whirlwind.

We fixed her resume yesterday.  Her tank is empty.  My usually patient and kind daughter is on edge, anxious and feeling incompetent.

We write her cover letter ... more like I type, calling out words, as she lies on the couch covered in a blanket.  It's a coping mechanism.

When she returns from work today, she relates stories of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  I start her application for a new job.  She answers questions, I type.

Push, pull... I don't know what I'm supposed to do, so I just help.


  1. I really love this idea of push and pull parenting. What a great small moment slice to really encapsulate the challenging moments of helping a child through a difficult time! Thank you for slicing.

  2. Those are hard parenting moments. I hope she finds the right pick for a job soon!

  3. The mom thing, for older kids, is harder, I think, than when they are little. I NEVER know the right thing to do.

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