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March 26, 2021

Beach theme day #SOLC21

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We had some fun at school today!

It was a shortened schedule so teachers could have some planning time before we left for spring break.  We decided to dress in tropical shirts, sunglasses and flower necklaces to set the mood for vacation.  The kids thought it was funny and most rolled their eyes at us (#middleschool).

My team went over the top when it came to props.  Two teachers were blowing up the team group chat from the craft store last night.  We ended up with a flamingo ring toss game (fun!) and pineapple or coconut plastic cups to replace our water bottles (too funny!)

Our admin team hosted a fast-paced staff BINGO game with nice prizes.  It was great to hear "WHOO HOO BINGO!" on the faculty Zoom call from people as they won.

All in all, I'm exhausted from the many trips up and down the stairs to meet different teams at the photo booth backdrop.  The mood was overall festive, and I'm really grateful for a week of rest.

Now if I could just get the Illinois weather to turn tropical for next week - that would be a miracle!


  1. it does sound like you all had fun. It looks like your weather is going to do some roller-coastering, warm then chill. And it will all move east after that.

  2. What a fun day! I can only imagine what your middle school students thought. Bahahaha! Good luck with that Illinois weather. Maybe if you keep to the tropical dress theme you'll have some luck. Enjoy your break!

  3. I might have to steal this idea! My sixth graders would love it! Even though they would probably roll their eyes a lot too!