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March 27, 2021

Sore feet #SOLC21


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Over the years, I have figured out that my feet are high maintenance.  I have a very tall arch, so those cute ballet flats and slip on loafers at the shoe store won't fit the bill.

I learned that when I spend a little more on a shoe with more features, I get more miles from them.  Yet, it's a little boring to wear brown or black sensible shoes - I yearn for a bright pair of blue kicks like Pete the Cat - but I always end up with sore feet.

Screenshot from YouTube video

This year I'm in search of some fun spring/summer shoes 

(slip on!  laced sneakers!  clogs!) 

that will keep my feet happy.

Any suggestions?


  1. Your Pete the Cat reference makes this piece!
    My mother told me to find a shoe company that has a “last” that fits your feet, then keep buying from them. For me that’s Reiner, Taos and Dansko. They are pricey- I agree with you that the investment pays off. I hope you find some super fun styles and colors to brighten 2021!

  2. If you have are willing to spend the cash, Rothy's are pretty comfortable. They have some really cute styles too! Good luck in your search.