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March 24, 2021

Sisters #SOLC21


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When they were younger, our girls would be mistaken for twins.  Two tow-headed little ones  sitting in a restaurant booth looked the same size and age.

"I'm the OLDEST," L would assert.

A would just sit and smile.

They have so few things in common.  I realize that just because they are sisters (born only 22 months apart) doesn't automatically make them best friends.

I find myself trying to figure out how to mold and build their relationship, then stopping cold.

They are young adults.  Their past ups and downs are written.

Oldest wanted to play everything together.  Youngest was happier playing solo.

Different interests, different personalities, different people.

It's been an interesting year to have them both here, especially since the oldest has spent time living on her own since she began college.

I guess I'll just step back and have them figure out how their sisterhood will grow and change.


  1. I always wished I had a sister. I am sure they will figure it out and end up being good buddies.

  2. Not easy to sit back and keep the mouth closed! I have three daughters, 21, 19 and 15 and having them home last spring there was a lot of tongue biting on my part! They'll figure it out with you watching!

  3. Yes, you do have to let them work it out, I have 3 daughters and two are twins, who are the closest and bestest of friends but they still fight and argue quite often!

  4. As a mother I know you do hope so much that your daughters will be close. My two daughters have been through really close periods, and then other times, not as close. Now as they have gotten older, they are back to being best friends. Here's hoping your daughters' sisterhood grows stronger as they get older.

  5. My sons have always been best, best friends. Lately, though, there has been a rift between them. It breaks my hurt, but I don't know how to solve it.

  6. My daughters are six years apart. All my life I wanted a sister so I was so excited when we had our youngest daughter who would be sister to our oldest. I thought they would complete each other's sentences, but growing up that never happened. If they didn't live in the same house, I would have never seen them together. "Be patient," my friend with a sister reminded. "When they get older, they'll be close," she'd assure.

    Finally, I am seeing that happening. They call each other often now. I can tell when I talk with either that they have been chatting. It's taken years, but I think they each finally have a sister they can count on in this crazy world. It's taken years. They're both very different. (I often wonder if they came from the same house. Ha!)

    It's hard to be patient while they work to figure it out. Hang in there!