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March 21, 2021

Bunny Hunt #SOLC21


Thanks for the writing challenge
Two Writing Teachers

Our park district just issued a fun, new challenge.  The "hop around town" challenge is a set of riddles.  The riddles lead you to a park in the town.  At the park there's a painted wooden bunny with a letter on its belly.

I printed the instructions, thinking I would share them in my Little Free Library for the neighborhood kids.  Today, my oldest daughter invited me to go for a walk.  

"Any chance you want to try the "hop around town" challenge?"  I asked.

"Sure!" she replied.

We figured out the first park, which is an oak hollow conservation area.  I have lived in this town for 22 years, and I have never visited this area before.  The burr oak trees towered over us as we followed the trail around the marsh.  The sounds of frogs and birds was quite a cacophony.  It was a neat place to stroll, soak up the new smells of spring, and the warm (we had our first 60 degree temps!) sunshine.

Our next stop was a quick one.  We could see the wooden bunny from the street.  This park had a playground, but not path.  We decided to move on to park #3.

As we arrived at the next park, there were quite a few families at the playground.  Alas, there was no bunny in sight.  We walked to the end of the path, but still found no bunny.

"Are you sure this challenge starts this weekend," asked Lindsey.

"I think so, but maybe I got this clue incorrect," I shrugged.

I'm glad to have this incentive (even if I don't enter the contest) to get out to some new parks in our town.  My legs appreciate the exercise, and my mind and stress level appreciates the fresh air and change of scenery.


  1. How fun! I would love to have a park challenge in my community--what a great way to explore the familiar in new ways.

  2. This challenge is so my style! Especially the part that I don't need to enter it but just enjoy it ;) My daughter introduced me to geocashing and it's becoming an obsession. Nice excuse to go out and walk. Your community sounds like fun and with a lot of walkable areas.