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March 25, 2021

Expectation vs. Reality #SOLC21


Thanks to TWT for a place to 
work out my writing muscles!

It was very clear to me today that I have not focused on response to reading in my intervention groups.  To wrap up our mini unit on making inferences, I asked students to read a short text (or listen to a recording of me reading it).  Next they had to make an inference and provide text evidence to support their inference.

Yes, it's also very clear to me that I should not be attempting this sort of individual work in the final days before a vacation (whoop whoop Spring Break starts tomorrow afternoon!)

I did receive some very clear and thoughtful responses with solid text evidence.  I also received some emojis for some answers because I asked students to submit the Google form with what they finished, and I required all the answers to be filled in.

This text face in one reply made me laugh: (∵◕◡◕∵)

I told my students, "This formative shows me what you're thinking.  It also shows me what works or doesn't as a formative.

Is your head spinning from all the new thinking and problem-solving you've done this year?



  1. Inferences are tricky for kids.
    Congratulations on your upcoming Spring Break! My last day is tomorrow and I wish it wasn’t

  2. I just laughed when I read this. I think about all I can say right now is that we read a lot of good books together. I'm not sure I actually taught them anything!!!

  3. I feel like everyone's head is spinning from this year. I don't know about you, but summer cannot arrive soon enough!