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March 31, 2021

Challenge accepted #SOLC21


Whoop whoop!
The Slice of Life Challenge wraps up today!

I'm really proud of myself for a few reasons this week:

  1. I wrote 31 slices this month (after taking a break since 2019) and commented on as many blogs as I could each day.

  2. Today I dug out all the clothes and stuff in my closet.  I let some things go, dusted everything and vacuumed.  

  3. I'm working on clearing out old leaves and grass from the yard.  So far I have filled four yard waste bags.

  4. Although it's spring break, I'm trying to eat mindfully, focusing on more veggies and fruit and less junk food when I need a snack.

  5. I'm only working on projects that I can start and finish on my own.  I usually bite off more than I can chew and need help or participation from the family.  Not this week (they are working).

  6. I'm resting, reading, writing and trying to stay off social media.  Many friends are on trips, but I am working hard to not feel jealous about their travels.  
Congratulations to everyone who jumped in to this writing challenge.  Even if you didn't manage to write every day, you still participated, and I'm proud of you!

Happy April!

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  1. Thsi post is full of celebration - even cleaning out the closet! Congratulations on completing the challenge and enjoy the rest of your break!