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March 30, 2021

Clematis replant #SOLC21


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Our clematis has been an amazing plant, climbing up and over the privacy fence on our deck each year.  It blooms the tiniest white flowers each fall, and bees love to buzz around it.  Thankfully, it has served as a peace offering to our neighbor.

Our neighbor to the south is a persnickety guy.  He has definite opinions about everything, just ask him.  (Haha).  He's not all bad - he's a pet person and will talk with anyone who walks by.  

When we installed our deck in 2004, it was quite higher than his family's patio.  We realized that good fences make good neighbors.  Unfortunately, he was not thinking the same thing.

"That fence seems intimidating," he stated.  We then installed some bushes and switch grass below it.  "Hmph," was his next comment.

I can't remember if I was gifted or just randomly picked the clematis plant at the store.  I wondered if it would grow with the limited sun on the north side of the house.

Thankfully, the next fall that clematis bloomed like crazy.  It climbed up and over the fence (probably looking for sunshine) and the neighbor noticed.

"That plant is magnificent," he stated year after year.

Today I moved the clematis to the south side of our house.  We need (desperately) to replace the rotted privacy fence.  I followed directions on the internet to soak the root, and I even brought scoops of dirt from it's previous spot.

The neighbor doesn't know yet.  I'm hoping I'll be forgiven when we replace the privacy fence with something new.  

Thank you, clematis, for blooming and making the bees (and neighbor!) happy each fall.


  1. Wow!!! That is beautiful! My mom had a purple one when I was growing up. It was the backdrop for all my spring formal pictures.

  2. So beautiful! And a great story of a neighbor too.