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March 22, 2021

No sleep #SOLC21


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Stayed up too late.

Tossed and turned.

Hot, cold, freeeezing, hot.



Sleep a bit, then wake up.

Roll over, flip pillow, sigh.

Not enough sleep makes for a long day on Monday.

I hope I'll sleep tonight!


  1. Those nights are so much harder to recover from now that I am older...I hope good sleep comes to you! I try mediation when I am up for too long.

  2. I find myself having more and more nights like that. The worst!

  3. You described my night, as well. Actually, that seems to be most nights lately. If you have a remedy, please share. I hope you sleep well tonight.

  4. Uugh. Mondays are always tough. I am on Spring break and feel sleepy the entire day but with no pressure of having to get up early and pretend that I am awake. I hope you sleep better tonight. My sister told me once that drinking a warm glass of milk help sleeping. I don't know about that. Probably tried once in my twenties ;)

  5. I've been letting TWT pull me out of bed when I'm restless. And then I spend too long either writing my post or commenting. Last night, I exercised tough love and told myself, no computer time with your blogging friends. I read a book for a bit and got back to sleep much quicker. My favorite get back to sleep trick is to put on an eye mask. It somehow soothes my racing mind, not sure how it works but I definitely say to give it a try.

  6. This has been my week of not sleeping (perhaps following minor finger surgery) and it can be really disruptive. Finally, last night I had near 8 hours straight and what a blessing it was. I wish you calm and peace, and some real good sleep tonight. Here's to a restful night.