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March 18, 2015

March Madness SOLC #18

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I can be a full out sports fan or I can be casual about it.  I love to watch football, even though I don't know all the rules (and annoy my oldest daughter with my questions).  Basketball is fun to watch because of it's fast pace.

For the past few years, my family picks their favorite team from each March Madness division.  Lindsey (oldest) is our athlete and sports fanatic.  She has no problem picking teams - she actually knows their stats.  Allison (youngest) picks teams based on their location or mascot.  Jeff has absolutely no interest in sports, but he has enough information from coworkers and rankings to pick some decent teams.  I remember names and reputations, so I pick Kentucky, one underdog, and two middle performers every year.

We keep track of who's team survives the farthest through the tournament.  We have fun trash-talking and bugging each other about their picks.  The winner gets to pick a dinner out (and dessert!), so the stakes are small.  

It's fun to have a little competition in the house.  We are also usually home together at some point during the tournament because of spring break.  March Madness is an enjoyable distraction for the family.


  1. Sounds like fun Chris! And you are right, good competition and trash talk makes a happy family! Xo

  2. Sounds like great family time! Enjoy the madness and good luck with your teams!