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March 26, 2015

Spring? SOLC #26

 I went for a walk this morning.

It sounded like spring.
Birds were chirping
and flying between trees.
Dogs were barking
at all the people out walking.
Squirrels chattered and
shook tree branches
as they climbed.

It looked like spring.
Leaf buds were popping
out of tree branches.
Green blades of grass
the dried, brown clumps.
Clear running water
flowed through the creek bed.

It felt like winter.
The "real feel" temperature
was 26 degrees.
The wind was
out of the north.
The snow piles remained
from Monday's surprise storm.

The weather forecaster
warmer weather
next week.

Here's hoping for
true spring
to arrive
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  1. Love how you walked through the sights and sounds of spring, but how it really felt like winter! Also loved how you changed the color of the font! True spring will arrive ... your early signs tell us so!

  2. Great visual! I hope it's warm before you have to go back! Xoxo

  3. Loved your poem! I have not missed the winter. Your words tell me it is waiting for me! :(