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March 2, 2017

Grocery shopping #SOLC17

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Yup, I'm a foodie.
I love to eat, but
I really don't like to cook.
I leave that super power to my husband, Jeff
We call him Cheffrey (get it!?)

Unfortunately Jeff travels each week to his consulting job,
so I'm left to be
creative?      brave?    desperate.

Frozen pasta + frozen cooked chicken + pesto in a jar = tonight's dinner  YES!

Allison eating out with friends?
I'm on my own for dinner?

Scrambled eggs + English muffin + fruit ... for the WIN!

Tonight I must hunt, forage and collect food at the grocery store.
I'm overwhelmed by the choices.
Even though I can more easily walk through the bakery
(my sweet tooth is tuned to dark chocolate)
and I can choose healthy veggies, fish and chicken,
it's still a challenge.

I'm all set to go.
Wrote my list, gathered my reusable bags,
laced up my gym shoes.

Off I go to the grocery store
a place that should be fun, but to me
it's just a place
where I overthink
the daily BIG QUESTION

What's for dinner?


  1. I totally get that! I enjoy cooking for the most part but your line, 'Where I overthink the daily question' had me laughing. I think we all do that. And I love that you laced up your gym shoes! Great slice! Tomorrow's dinner: Tomato soup (the organic kind in the box - super easy), grilled cheese (adult cheese version) and a salad with strawberries on it! Good luck!

    1. YUM I will plan on having your dinner suggestion next week! Thanks!

  2. As someone who loves to watch cooking shows, but hates to cook, I often struggle with that question of "what's for dinner?" I loved your comment about how the grocery store should be fun.

    1. Yes! Maybe I should make a shopping playlist?

  3. Grocery shopping its not at the top of my fun to do things. Fortunately hubby goes with and since he does all the cooking he helps make the decisions. Although I have to tell him what I want for dinner.

  4. Ugh, I get tired of wondering what's for dinner. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand, and Poof! my weekly menu just appears along with the grocery list to go with it.

    1. Let's be honest, Krista - if the magic wand existed we'd make a full service restaurant appear, right!??

  5. I too have a "cheffrey" at my house. The best is when I go to the grocery store and then pick up dinner on the way home...perhaps you do that too :) I enjoyed your slice, Chris. The title pulled me in and I connected in so many ways. ~Amy

    1. Oh yes, I am queen of the rotisserie chicken, prepared salad and potatoes dinner! YUM!

  6. I hate that question. I hate answering it even more. Where is Cheffrey when we need him?!? I still hope you made it to the bakery. For a small treat. :)

    1. Yes, I'll admit I went to the bakery, but I got baklava for Jeff :)