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March 11, 2017

Spring #SOLC17

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Two Writing Teachers
Spring is approaching
The sun is warm but the air is cold
I step outside, gloves on hands
and pull down the dry, jagged branches 
of the monster clematis that clings to our fence.

Spring is approaching
I try to connect the hose
failing more than once.
I finally line up the treads
twist, twist, turn on,
big spray, wipe eyes,
now the water is flowing.

Spring is approaching
I take in the sights and sounds
of my yard.
Birds chirping,
grass turning green,
plants pushing through the soft dirt.
What will I plant this year?

Spring is approaching
Time to finish up the indoor projects
and move to the outdoor projects.
Some planned, some spontaneous.
Some long overdue.


  1. Yes, spring is approaching, but it will not arrive this weekend. We are supposed to get a wintery mix, ugh! Isn't hooking up a hose the worst? Hoping for spring soon.

  2. Ditto with what Elsie said. I just looked out the window and there are flurries in the air! Spring has been here for a month, but not this weekend.

  3. I like your spring poem. Still waiting for spring in Estonia.

  4. Love your poem... hoping spring really is near. We have a big snowstorm in the forecast for the beginning of the week so I am not feeling too hopeful!

  5. Yep, spring is definitely in the air! We have green shoots starting to peek through everywhere - unfortunately, we have some more frigid temps coming.

  6. I love your poem! I can't quite relate to it yet, since Winter hasn't let go here in Ohio yet. But maybe I'll have the privilege of hooking up my hose in another six weeks or so, I hope. :-) ~JudyK

  7. Well, aren't you getting a little to excited about spring? It's cold out there and s.n.o.w. may be arriving ... Perhaps, wishful thinking? A little nudge of encouragement? To show spring YOU are ready? I love it. I hope your spring approaching agenda entices her to arrive soon! Beautiful poem! (Sorry about the spray of water!)

  8. The weather has started changing here a bit in Oregon. Some sunnier days and a bit less rain. I like the repetition of "spring is approaching!"

  9. The format is great, I will be borrowing the repetition of the first line, to see what I can create. I hope the warm weather shows up soon. Thanks

  10. Wish I was doing these spring preparations, but here in New England, we are close to the fire and thinking about snow preparations for this week. Thanks for the visual images.