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March 28, 2017

Sunshine intervention #SOLC17

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Write to make your own sunshine.
Two Writing Teachers
We had sunshine on Friday.  Clouds on Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  This week calls for nothing but 



I left my "happy light" at school.

Double hmpf.

Since I can't force the sun to come out, I am trying to create my own "sunshine" and setting myself up for a "sunny" day.  My steps:
  • Streaming music (loudly!) from Pandora - trying some new genres
  • Dancing around to the music (it's not pretty)
  • Typing my slice to set my intentions for the day
  • Planning a trip to the library, lunch out with Allison and errands
  • Turning on every light in the kitchen
  • Drinking another cup of coffee
  • Adding books recommended by my Twitter peeps to GoodReads
  • Celebrating that today is a gift, no matter what the weather.
Wishing you a SUNNY day!


  1. Cloudy, dreary and rainy here too, but we need to make our own sunshine. Here's to another cup of coffee, a good book and lunch with your daughter! Have a happy, sun filled day!

  2. Sounds like you live near me! I love your determined optimism... it'll definitely help get you through until the sun decides to show his face again.

  3. Making your own sunshine is always hard- looks like you've got a good start! I'm experiencing the same kind of weather :( awful!! I can't wait for sun and warmth!!

  4. Cold and cloudy in Denver too! Trying to get motivated to finish grading a set of papers that I should have had done several weeks ago, but the new Jodi Piccoult book is calling my name!

  5. We live in the Pacific Northwest. So dreary and rainy and cloudy here today! But yesterday was sunny and warm...for a few hours. This is why we named our yellow lab Sunny, so we'd always have some sun!

  6. We've had a similar stretch of it, but this afternoon the sun finally came out! Hallelujah! I was going to have to break out my sun light soon.