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March 25, 2017

Staycation plans #SOLC17

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Two Writing Teachers

My lunch time is the last one on the lunch schedule at 12:15 p.m.  I share my lunchtime with the math  & reading resource teachers and music specialists.  Friday's conversation with my fellow "right-brained" teacher was fun, as usual.

Everyone was describing their spring break plans.  The orchestra teacher is headed to New York with his wife and tickets to four Broadway shows.  The math teacher is bound for Florida with her parents and sister.  My fellow reading teacher is spending time with her teens and going on a college visit.  I'm faced with a week at home, with my youngest daughter at classes and my husband in another town. 

The teachers at the table decided to help me make a list of possible activities for my spring vacation.  They encouraged me to accomplish the items on my must do list (passport renewal, doctors appointments) as well as some more exciting items.  Our brainstorming included:
  • pay it forward at Starbucks, paying for the order from the car behind me
  • create a "car pool karaoke" video
  • sleep through breakfast and enjoy brunch each day (at home or out)
  • collect postcards of my town (if they exist!) and send them to friends
  • mix up some DIY skin treatments and have a spa day
I have a hard time finishing things I must do, so I'll be using these ideas to inspire me to get my to do list finished.  I'm also planning on binge reading a TON of books!

Looking foward to a week of sleeping without setting an alarm!


  1. Binge reading is the best! That postcard idea sounds fun, too.

  2. Sounds like you had fun coming up with this list! Since it is spring break I might add 'go buy and awesome bicycle and start on the path to elite athlete!!!' Actually, I'm not kidding about the awesome bike part, it can actually make you want to get out and ride! Have a great spring break and read, read, read!

  3. Hoping that your staycation will find you enjoying your surroundings, getting some to do list item accomplished and lots of reading time. Enjoy!

  4. I'm just finishing my spring break, and I didn't accomplish much of what I had planned. That's the way it always goes, ha! The main things to accomplish are to get some rest and to have some fun. Enjoy! 😃 ~JudyK