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March 16, 2017

Sherwood Lane Little Free Library #SOLC17

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In February, the weather improved to 60 degrees one day.  I nudged nagged pleaded with my husband, "Can't we put up the little library todayyyyyyy?"

He obliged.  He's proud of his work (he built it!!!) and the adorable embellishments painted by my cousin Sara and her husband, Dennis.  It's truly a work of art.

As Jeff was pounding in the post to support the Little Free Library (LFL), neighbor Mike walked on over.  He's a mailman, and he has the gift of gab.  After he stopped by, neighbor Dean dropped by.  He promised to tell his grandkids to bring books.  Later, neighbor Jeff rang the bell.  "Tell me about the little house in the yard!"

I decided to go with a "soft open" instead of a grand opening.  I simply put books in the LFL.  I posted a picture on my personal Facebook page, I tweeted and I sent texts to my closest friends.

Today the lake effect snow melted from the sidewalks and the temperature reached 48 degrees.  I saw neighbor Dean on my quick walk (it was chilly!).
"Your little library has had quite a few customers!"
"That's great!" I replied.  I hadn't seen anyone use it yet, but books have come and gone.

As I rounded the block, my house came into view, and two adults (grandparents?) and an upper-elementary boy were checking out the library.  ("CUSTOMERS!" I squealed silently.)

I didn't know what to do, so I smiled and kept walking. The boy looked at a couple of books, but didn't take one.  
Here's to warmer weather, more LFL customers and maybe some bravery (on my part) to talk with them!



  1. OMG - I totally want one! Your enthusiasm about this project is totally infectious! Congrats.

  2. Awesome idea and house! Here's to many customers come warmer weather

  3. We can't wait to visit your LFL! The girls are always on the hunt for them. Jeff did a great job building it and Sara with the paintings! Adorable! Such a celebration of books and reading!

  4. Such a wonderful addition to any neighborhood! Thank you for this post, great job!