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Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
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March 19, 2017

Pressing Pause #SOLC17

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I pressed pause on slicing for two days.  If were a different, earlier year, I would have booted up the computer and typed, convinced I had to slice, no matter what.

This year I'm giving myself more grace.  I spin a few plates and sometimes one crashes.

Friday I went to the pet expo with my daughter and her friend to pet dogs, interact with birds and just wander along.  We came home and watched The Edge of Seventeen, laughing and gasping.

Saturday was spent cleaning the car, crafing a paper, spending time with my parents, and attending my nephew's Boy Scout crossover ceremony.

I couldn't bring myself to slice for two days because I had to get away from the computer.
I've been spending TOO much time working on my final paper for my final ESL class.  I've been over thinking and not typing enough.

And now I'm faced with a deadline of 12:00 midnight.

So I offer this little peek into my brain with this slice.  It's not a tidy place.

I'm in the big green chair, window open to listen to the birds.  I'm determined to finish the paper and send it on its way to be graded.  No more overthinking.  Just typing.


  1. Good luck with your very full plate. The SOL community DEFINITELY UNDERSTANDS. Last year, my life was in shambles and I posted only 15 times....but I prefer to think of it as I made it to posting 15 times. This year, I am challenging myself to post every day as a sign of's a CHALLENGE though...not a requirement. Good luck with this last paper.

  2. I love your words, giving myself more grace! That is so important. I've allowed myself a bit of forgiveness as I've missed posting too. Congratulations on reaching the final class, you will be so proud when it is done.

  3. "This year I'm giving myself more grace. I spin a few plates and sometimes one crashes."
    I love this line so much. Best wishes on this last paper!

  4. I hate when I over think things and love the visual of spinning plates. Think your priorities are spot on.

  5. Good luck on that paper and finishing your last class. Quite an accomplishment to be proud of. Some days you just need to give it a rest and then pick it up again.

  6. I faced a similar situation last year when I was unable to slice daily because of I was working on my dissertation. Hang in there! You're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

  7. Sometimes you just need to take a break! Best of luck on finishing up your paper & your class.

  8. Good for you! I'm trying to finish a paper and it's been really, really hard. I've kept slicing, but I probably shouldn't have!