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Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

March 29, 2016

Happy birthday, dear friends! #SOL16 29/31

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Today I celebrate Michelle and Karen, my dear friends and fellow book pushers!  
Today they both celebrate their birthday!!!!  How special for my kindred spirits!

Dear Michelle (Piggy to me, Gerald),
When I was hired at Frost, I got a call from our boss.  He wanted me to call and introduce myself to you because he knew you needed a partner-in-crime/reading.  I could tell we would be friends from the first time we talked.  Our strategies might be different (mine more circular, yours linear) but we have the same goals for our kiddos and students: to become independent thinkers who love to learn.  We also share goals for our fellow teachers:  walk the walk as readers and writers!

May you see this birthday as just a number.  You will continue to refine your beliefs and stay on the path to greatness.  You will always be my mentor, and of course, I will lend you an ear anytime you need to vent your frustrations (you are also such an awesome listener to my stories).  May we continue to share lots of laughs, books, daughter talk and trips that include books!  (Eric Carle museum is on the bucket list!  One day!)

Big hugs, 

Dear Karen (Ivy to me, Bean),
When we first met, I envied your binder.  It was a Title I meeting, and you had everything at your fingertips.  I quietly watched as you shared your opinions and data with a firm, clear voice.  I loved to hear you switch into Spanish and greet all your friends with a hug.

When you came to Frost, I remember welcoming you and feeling like you were home.  Your selfless kindness and willingness to listen and share has been so valuable to me.  It's been "fun" to shake our heads at our teenage daughters' "adventures."  May we stay strong this fall as we send B and A to college (WAHHHH!) Keep up your tireless crusade for kids and continue working hard to push our fellow teachers to be their best.

Big hugs,
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  1. Two beautiful birthday wishes for two beautiful ladies! And the well wisher is pretty awesome too! xo

  2. Two special people in our lives. The three of you make quite the trio!

  3. Thanks so much! This is so fun and appreciate your kind words on this special day for us! Funny how we share the same birthday! Thanks for the advice as well ... 😊 We will plan a birthday celebration soon!

  4. What a sweet birthday wish to your friends! :)