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March 23, 2016

You have touched our heart #SOL16 23/31

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One of our first grade teachers went on maternity leave in January.  Her long-term sub, Mrs. M., is just lovely.  She's organized, kind, and very patient with the kiddos.

Tomorrow is her last

Today I walked into the first grade room (I pull groups three times each morning - I'm a regular visitor) and told Mrs. M.  that I would be taking her friends.  I told her she would understand later.

I beckoned to a few friends that I usually don't take, and whispered to them in the hallway,
"Today we are making a secret surprise for Mrs. M.  Tomorrow is her last day."

They beamed and made "Os" with their mouths.  (Six and seven year olds are usually not trusted with secrets.)

I walked each group (this took 30 minutes!) to my room, explained the project, helped them make their mark, then walked them back.  They all assured me they would not tell Mrs. M about the project.  (I saved the usual announcer for my last helper.  Smart, right!?!?)

Later, I brought the project back to Mrs. M and the kiddos helped present it to her.  There were hugs and happy tears and shouts of joy.  Of course I don't have a picture - this morning was all about getting Mrs. M her present.  (Here is a pic from Pinterest to give you the gist.  I had the students put their fingerprints in a heart, then sign their names on the bottom.)
Image from Pinterest Link
We will miss you, Mrs. M!  
Please take care! 
We hope to snatch you up to teach in our building soon!


  1. What a special present! I hope you do get to "snatch" her for your building.

  2. Oh so sweet! I'm sure she was sad to leave you and the kids!

  3. First, what a lovely gift!

    Next, I enjoyed the tone of this piece--the line about kids their age not usually being trusted with secrets is so affectionate, yet real!

  4. My guess is that substitute teachers don't usually get these warm fuzzys. You and the kiddos made her day and I'm sure she'll be back to your school to teach soon.

  5. Awwwwww.....I bet you made her day! What a beautiful gift of thanks!