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March 2, 2016

Stuffed Animals #SOLC 2/31

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I'm a sucker for stuffed animals.  The fuzzier, softer and bigger the animal - the crazier I am about it.  When I was little, I carried around Cottontail (a bunny puppet) for years.  It was thrown in the wash, lost one eye, and looked like a dishrag.

Cottontail was my first stuffed animal (even though she wasn't stuffed!).  I remember receiving LOTS of bunnies and other animals over the years.  At one point, there was barely any room for me in my bed at night.  Since my bed was against the wall, I would line up my animals oldest (against the wall) to youngest (next to me) as I laid at the edge of the bed.  I could not bear (tee hee) for any animal to fall on the floor.

My current favorite stuffed animal is named Snuffles.  He's a Gund polar bear that my boyfriend (now husband!) bought for me in high school.  I worked at the candy store in the mall, and Jeff was a stuffed animal aficionado as well.  That polar bear was pretty pricey for a high school budget.

Over the years, Jeff has become to resemble Snuffles.  Since Jeff travels to work each week, I tease him that Snuffles is his stand in.  He listens quietly to my rants and doesn't mind if I squeeze him extra tight.  If I'm feeling silly, I'll send pictures of Snuffles doing things that Jeff enjoys.  When he's home, Jeff likes to toss Snuffles on the floor and tease me about liking Snuffles better.  (Hmmm, we've been married for 25 years... I think the bear is more patient!)

Stuffed animals are better than pets - they listen, they aren't too messy and they don't mind if they end up on the floor.


  1. Soft, cuddly, no mess. Hmmm. Sounds like a winner.

  2. OMG this brings back cozy memories and smells, I can still smell my Gund Polar Bear. What a fun post.

  3. I LOVE stuffed animals too! (I'm not ashamed to admit that there are still so many stuffed animals in my bed there's barely room for me... and the "overflow" animals fill the tops of our dresser and chest!) I think you'd love this post I wrote a couple years ago about the bunny I've slept with since I was 1!

  4. I still have Brownie from when I was a baby (he is a completely different shape, much shaggier, and his fur is thinner) - and wouldn't you know, Brownie ended up being my husband's nickname when he was little!

    Winnie the Pooh has lost his shirt, but he is a welcome snuggler when I sleep (much more compact, doesn't snore, and doesn't run hot-as-a-furnace!).

    Thanks for allowing me to remember a few favorite friends.

  5. Oh, this was too cute! As much as I like stuffed animals, I hate them too as they have taken over our house! (And I can't seem to resist purchasing a new one, which is really two, when the girls see a new stuffed animal they love ...)

    Thanks for the laugh tonight! Jeff may have a new stand in ... too cute watching TV!

  6. I loved that candy store at the mall. They had the BEST stuffed animals (and candy too!) I wonder if I ever saw you there... Hmmm... Sounds like Jeff is a little jealous. Thanks for sharing this memory!