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March 19, 2016

Slow Saturdays #SOL16 19/31

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Saturdays start when I wake up and decide to venture into the kitchen for breakfast.  I make a coffee and froth the milk so it's fluffy and scramble some eggs.

I open the blinds and read Friday & Saturday's newspapers as I listen to the birds chirping.

As I sip my coffee slowly, I take note of all the fun things to do in the paper, wondering what I should put on the calendar.  (We should get tickets for Aladdin the musical!  I must tell Allison about the Family Pet Expo!)

Laundry is started, sports scores are noted, and Twitter is checked.  Today I ran some errands and cleaned out my car.

Jeff likes to get lunch out on Saturday, and then we'll take a drive somewhere.  Today's adventure took us to the outlet mall (purses!!!) and then a side trip into Geneva.

Snack time!  I enjoyed a decadent mocha and a few bites of apple pie at the All Chocolate Kitchen.  We won't need dinner until much, much later tonight.

Now that the girls are grown and managing their own calendars, I relish my slow Saturdays!


  1. Your Saturday sounds wonderful! Your breakfast must be yummy!

  2. I love slow Saturdays and Sundays! Glad you're enjoying your time.

  3. Breakfast, a clean car, purses, chocolate... What could be better! So glad you had an amazing day!

  4. This Saturday sounds like a dream! I know I'll miss our crazy busy days when our kids grow up, so for right now I'll enjoy our time, but I am looking forward to some slow (er) Saturdays. :)

  5. A yummy Saturday all around. Relaxing and fun.

  6. Sounds like a great day! Yes, coffee cheers! Xo